The Adventurer – videos

Over the years I’ve put together a handful of videos poking fun at our man Gene Barry, and it seemed like a good idea to gather them together on one page for easy access.

First, the legendary opening titles, still the subject of media studies lectures throughout the world. (As in ‘for the love of God, don’t do anything like this. Ever’.)

Here’s an alternative version, presenting the show the way I personally would have liked to see it;

The classic original title sequence with a new theme tune;

and another new theme tune;

An exciting teaser for The Case of the Poisoned Pawn;

The beautifully-baffling Italian promo video;

Gene showing that really nobody does it better. Whatever it is he does;

Finally, a salute to all the daring fashion statements made by our hero over the course of the series;

This page is dedicated to all the curtains and picnic blankets that died for those jackets and funky trousers.

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