The Saint Steps In……To Colour (2006)

This forty-minute documentary was produced in 2006 by Swinging Star Productions and released on Network’s DVD boxset release of all 47 colour episodes of The Saint, starring Roger Moore. This making-of program focuses on the production of the classic 1960s action-adventure series featured interviews with the cast and crew, including Roger Moore himself.

The documentary was narrated by Ian Ogilvy, who later inherited Moore’s halo when he starred in Return of the Saint in 1978. I wrote much of this narration, lightly poking fun at the series without being too critical, as well as provided assistance to the program makers with my knowledge of the series.

This well-received documentary also received two follow-ups, one covering the production of the earlier black-and-white Saint episodes, and another the production of Return of the Saint. Although I was not involved with either of these the writers of both followed the same tongue-in-cheek style as I had established here – which was in itself a homage to the writing style of Saint creator Leslie Charteris!


I later met Ian Ogilvy at a convention in 2008. A nice chap, very complimentary about my work on the documentary and very understanding about my hair.